Fruit of the Womb

Dr. Jerome Cleveland Cox

Dr. Jerome Cleveland Cox
Name prefix
Given names
Jerome Cleveland
Marriage of a childMichael Beveridge Morton SrJeanine Dorothy CoxView this family
June 5, 1982
Birth of a granddaughter
Katherine Esther May “Katie” Morton
April 4, 1983

Birth of a grandson
Michael Beveridge Morton Jr
June 1984

Birth of a grandson
William Cleveland “Cleve” Morton
August 27, 1986

Birth of a grandson
Joseph Wesley “Wesley” Morton
March 9, 1988

Birth of a granddaughter
Dorothy Jeanine “Darth” Morton
February 19, 1990

Birth of a granddaughter
Adeline Grace Morton
July 19, 1991

Birth of a granddaughter
Martha Harriet Morton
January 3, 1993

Birth of a grandson
Andrew Tully Morton
February 2, 1995

Birth of a grandson
Samuel Morton
December 1, 1996

Birth of a grandson
John Morton
September 1998

Birth of a grandson
John Morton
between 1998 and 1999

Birth of a grandson
Edwin Ogren Morton
March 12, 2001

Birth of a grandson
Paul Morton

Marriage of a grandchildBrett Alan “Alan” SmithKatherine Esther May “Katie” MortonView this family
April 8, 2006

Marriage of a grandchildMichael Beveridge Morton JrKressant Amanda SmithView this family
September 2, 2006

Marriage of a grandchildJoseph Wesley “Wesley” MortonRachel Lea SmithView this family
September 8, 2007

Marriage of a grandchildNoah Edwin SandersDorothy Jeanine “Darth” MortonView this family

Marriage of a grandchildWilliam Cleveland “Cleve” MortonLise Marie KendallView this family
December 3, 2011

Marriage of a grandchildTayte AlexanderMartha Harriet MortonView this family
October 25, 2014

Marriage of a grandchildAndrew Tully MortonKennedy DeckerView this family
September 26, 2015

Marriage of a grandchildSamuel MortonAlyssa Rose CampanaView this family
March 26, 2016

Marriage of a grandchildJohn MortonCampbell Conley RobertsView this family
November 3, 2018